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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Well-Being Coach?

A well-being coach is a professional who can help you set and reach goals, overcome obstacles and live your best life. Just as a sports coach helps athletes create greatness on the field, a well-being coach helps clients create greatness in life. A well-being coach is someone who can provide judgement-free support, motivation and accountability in different aspects on a client’s life. Most well-being coaches have specific areas of expertise. For example: Fitness, Financial, Relationship, Executive, Religious, Recovery, etc. 

What is your coaching specialty? 

In a word, wellness. However, wellness is a very broad area. I focus on helping people understand and live their values, live each day with purpose, and enhance their personal and professional relationships. I work with clients to help eliminate toxins, which can be toxic foods, ideas, people, habits or anything keeping them from finding health and happiness. I believe that true wellness involves mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I love connecting with people in person, however, if time or distance do not permit, I also offer phone or video coaching. 

What are some examples of things we could work on?

Improving communication skills

Finding the ideal career

Discovering your passion

Enhancing relationships

Making it through an important transition

Having more fun

Decreasing effects of negative stress

Breaking through fears

Overcoming obstacles

Setting and achieving goals

Improving work-life balance

Getting promoted

What is Yoga?

“Yoga” translated from Sanskrit means “union”. In Ashtanga Yoga, there are 8 limbs of yoga: yamas (restraints), nimayas (observances), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyhara (withdrawal of senses), dharana (concentration), dhyani (meditation), and Samadhi (absorption). Today, most people in the western world practice the third limb, the asanas or poses. Many people believe that yoga is just stretching, or that they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible. While most of us will improve flexibility during a physical yoga practice, it is not the only benefit nor a prerequisite. Some benefits of a physical yoga practice include:

Increased muscle strength

Improved respiration and energy

Improved focus and memory

 Decreased risk of injury

 Improved cardiovascular health

 Increased flexibility

 Decreased pain

 Improved posture/protects spine

Improved sleep duration and quality

 Boosted immunity

 Increased happiness and sense of well-being

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy can be defined as the application of Yogic principles to a particular person with the objective of achieving a particular spiritual, psychological or physiological goal. Yoga therapy can be beneficial to all, regardless of age, gender, culture, ability, or occupation. Yoga is beneficial as prevention and treatment. 

What is your specialty?

I practice Vinyasa yoga, sometimes referred to as Flow yoga, meaning breath-synchronized movement. I have instructed classes of over 100 people, small groups, and individuals. I have worked with executives, stay at home moms, disabled veterans, seniors, children and many other different groups of people, however, my specialty is in using yoga to help prevent and treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. As a 20 year Air Force veteran living in the DC area for most of my life, I have seen the necessity of offering different prevention and treatment options to use in conjunction or in place of traditional medicine. I also use my training in crisis intervention and resiliency in my yoga therapy. I believe that yoga can be very preventative in nature, however, I have also seen yoga help treat many different mental and physical issues. I believe that due to the many different styles and aspects, yoga can be beneficial for everyone. 

What are examples of things that Yoga Therapy can help? 

High blood pressure


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Sleep problems

Back pain





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