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Strong By Nature is dedicated to improving the well-being of others and their idea of self-worth. We serve several populations including veterans, seniors, athletes, executives and moms among many others.


While most people consider themselves generally satisfied with their current life, many wish they had more purpose, fulfillment and zest with things they spend most of their time on. To address this desire for more, we help people lead more happy and healthy lifestyles by providing tools and services that are tailored to specific needs and desired outcomes. Below are our services, which each foster growth among individuals, groups and businesses.

Well-Being Coaching

Today’s society brings chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety and many other ailments. Therefore, there is an insurmountable number of people that could benefit from experiencing the life-changing transformations that come with the support of a qualified coach. Whether you are a busy mom, an executive leading a team or a veteran trying to re-find themselves, we offer well-being coaching to assist you in finding the answers you’ve been searching for that lead to a more fulfilled lifestyle.

Yoga Therapy

Different from Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy is tailored to address specific matters and goals while considering the client’s unique body composition and any limitations from chronic or recurrent health challenges. We offer Yoga Therapy to help those who need support with anxiety, depression, PTSD, general mental health, balance issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, chronic pain, stress and for those who are adaptive athletes. This is a therapeutic service that can be offered one-on-one or with a group of individuals who are addressing the same matter.

Group Coaching

For those looking to improve your organization’s effectiveness, gain clarity, enhance growth, improve leadership and/or increase revenue, group coaching should be considered. Suited for non-profit and for-profit businesses as well as government agencies, we utilize group coaching to help organizations reach new heights.


In order to have transformation, some require removing themselves from their everyday life. We offer retreats so individuals and groups can do just that. Whether an overnight retreat or a 3-day retreat, we custom design retreats to help individuals and groups gain clarity around specific matters and reach particular goals.

Whether you’re just starting your journey towards increased well-being, you’ve been on your journey for years or you’re looking to enhance the well-being of a group of people, we’ll customize our services to best fit your needs in order to help you find the most wellness from within.

Well-Being Starts Here

Larissa@StrongByNatureWellness.com |  Tel: 443.651.9059

Well-Being Starts Here

Larisa@StrongByNatureWellness.com |  Tel: 443.651.9059

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