What the Strong By Nature Community Says About Working With Larisa and Her Team

Yoga and Coaching Client Testimonials


Melissa Nueva

"I know for sure that coaching has built my confidence as a person.
The individual coaching really was personalized and it helped with my goals because I got accountability.

I can't even say how much it made a difference in my life and how I want every single person to give it a try like a new product that you found, you know you just let all your friends - it works, it's so great..."



on the benefits of combining coaching with yoga

"If I just had coaching and I didn't have yoga I might not be calm enough to put things in practice when I need them.
I might not have the tools to breathe or I might not know that I can just take a step back and and just do 15 minutes of yoga and I would feel a little bit calmer a little bit more ready to make any decisions..."

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"All I would say is with everything going on in the world sometimes we don't even realize that we're struggling until somebody actually asks how are you doing.

Larisa's questions changed my life and I think they can change yours too. Just give it a try."


Laura Hagmann

"The meditation has really helped me. I tend to be somebody who holds everything in and then explode and when I can't take it anymore and now after doing meditation I just think I’m more mindful of it and have a little bit more control over that kind of stuff"


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