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Make a positive impact without burning out

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. Below are some of the current offerings available with Strong By Nature. We offer 1:1 and group programs and solutions. Choose which level of support you need to help you share your gifts and make a positive impact in the world! 

Be the Calm Amidst the Chaos

Join our 10-Week Program

Calm Amidst the Chaos is designed to help you learn the skills and tools you need to be clear, calm and confident and create abundance in your health, relationships, business and life. 

During your 10-week group program, we will work together to create a clear vision and plan of action for you to feel happy and fulfilled with your health, friends, significant other, finances, fun, personal growth, spirituality and career.  

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RoadMAPP to Freedom, Peace and Joy

Join our 12-month
Group Coaching Program

Our signature program, the RoadMAPP to Freedom, Peace and Joy, gives you the exact tools, strategies and support you need to love yourself, love your life and love the impact you are making in the world. This program is for kind-hearted high-achievers who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck and ready for a life of freedom, peace and joy. We offer a holistic approach to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness so you can live a happier and healthier life. 

We work together to uncover, address and heal the things that have kept you from living a life you love. You receive healing sessions, clarity sessions and group coaching to give you the opportunity to get the support you need without feeling overwhelmed. Our group coaching program is designed to help you experience freedom, peace and joy while making a positive impact in the world. 

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Stronger Together

Join our Strong By Nature Community

Our community membership includes live weekly manifestation sessions, live and on-demand trauma-informed and accessible yoga and meditation, trainings, group Q and A, self-care challenges and a Facebook community of support. 

This membership is for purpose-driven professionals who sometimes struggle with self-care because they are so focused on taking care of others. It’s for the kind-hearted givers who need those loving reminders to make their health and well-being a priority so that they can continue doing what they love in a sustainable way. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you join our community. 

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Expanding Impact

Introductory 1:1 Coaching and Strategy Session

Our 1:1 support is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to make a bigger impact without burning out.

We offer well-being strategy, executive coaching, yoga, mindfulness or somatic healing. With the focus on you being able to do more of what you love, we create customized solutions to get you the results you need. We help you expand the impact of the work you love with strategies that allow you to live your purpose in a sustainable way. We help busy professionals, like you, make your health and well-being a priority and find ways to make it a natural part of your life so it doesn’t take away from the incredible work that you’re doing. 

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Getting Started

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Be the calm even when the world around you feels chaotic

Calm Amidst the Chaos

Are you ready to...

  • Feel calmer and more intentional?
  • Feel confident and good in your own body?
  • Have enough energy to do what truly matters to you?
  • Live each day with peace, ease, and abundance?